2018-2019 District 7030 Governor: Dominique Vénéré
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Three Lessons Learned as a Rotary Club President
Every year on July 1, some 35,000 new Rotary club Presidents take on the reins of their club, leading 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide for a year. As I just completed a year as club President, I thought it might be useful to share a few lessons learned over the past year. 1. Prioritize Unless you … Continue reading Three Lessons Learned as a Rotary Club President
Ending Child Marriage, Promoting Girls’ Education
Occasionally, I reproduce on this blog posts that I published elsewhere. As basic education is one of the areas of focus of  the Rotary Foundation, some of you may be interested in a study on the economic impacts of child marriage, including on girls’ education, that I recently completed at the World Bank. The study … Continue reading Ending Child Marriage, Promoting Girls’ Education
Going to Atlanta? Learn about Promoting Access to College for Disadvantaged Youths
The Rotary International Convention in Atlanta is just two weeks away. It promises to be especially well attended by Rotarians from all over the world. If you are going, I hope that we’ll find a way to meet there. My club (Rotary Club of Capitol Hill) will have a booth in the House of Friendship, so … Continue reading Going to Atlanta? Learn about Promoting Access to College for Disadvantaged Youths
Using our Expertise and Networks to Provide Training for Local Nonprofits
A great way for Rotary clubs to serve their community is to rely on their members’ expertise and networks to provide training for local nonprofits in areas where they need support. As part of my club’s pro bono initiative, we organized in February 2017 two half day training events for local nonprofits on (1) monitoring and … Continue reading Using our Expertise and Networks to Provide Training for Local Nonprofits
Free ebook 6: Tell Your Story in the Local Media – Write about Your Rotary Partners to Celebrate Volunteer Work
The sixth free ebook in the Rotarian Economist Short Books series has been released. The book tells the story of an initiative by a Rotary club to improve its public image by writing articles in the local media about volunteering opportunities for residents to make a difference in their community. The articles feature great local … Continue reading Free ebook 6: Tell Your Story in the Local Media – Write about Your Rotary Partners to Celebrate Volunteer Work


Cliquez Ici Pour La Version Française

The Southern Caribbean from St. Kitts to French Guiana to Aruba 
Caribbean Fellowship ... Global Service

District 7030 News & Stories
During the SUMUN held on April 27th, organized by the Rotary Club of Paramaribo and the Law Faculty of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, the delegates of the various nations in the UN debated on pressing matters regarding the theme of “Refugees and Migrants”. The Human Rights Council debated on the topic of “the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela” and in the General Assembly their debate was regarding “the humanitarian crisis in Yemen”. In addition to 7 weeks of training on the Saturdays, prior to the SUMUN on the 27th of April, on personal leadership skills, communication and debating techniques, and training and information sharing regarding Refugees and Migrants, the delegates were well prepared and guided through-out the past 2 months by the chairs and the vice-chairs of the Human Rights Council (HRC) and the General Assembly (GA) regarding research, rules of procedures, writing of the position papers, public speaking skills and more.

The solutions presented by the HRC included :
• Reaffirms the primary responsibility of all States to promote and protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of their citizens and to fulfil their obligations under the human rights treaties and agreements to which they are parties;
• Believes that pregnant women, children and skilled laborers from Venezuela seeking refuge in other countries, should be given an accelerated asylum-seeking process.
• Encourages the settlement of disputes between Venezuela and USA;
• Draws the attention that aid should be delivered in a politically neutral way to those most in need;
• Calls for financial assistance in Venezuela’s agricultural sector to stimulate the production of staple foods such as rice, beans, and corn;
• Lift the economic and financial blockades.

The representative of Libya, Junior Bharratt, received the award for the “Best Speaking” delegate in the Human Rights Council because of his excellent speaking and debating skills. He presented himself with firm and clear positions. Above all, he was willing and prepared to work with other delegates, and included them in the various unmoderated caucuses.

The representative of Venezuela, Modesty van de Leuv received the award of “Most Outstanding” delegate award in the HRC, because of her excellent performance from day 1 during the training sessions up to and including the SUMUN on the 27th of April. She was determined, very clear and diplomatic and proved to be able to work together with her close delegates.

The representative of the Netherlands in the General Assembly, Chathera Adrai, received the award for the “Best Speaking” delegate in the General Assembly, because of her outspoken and well formulated opinions regarding the issues within the council and also because of her power to work together with the other member states.

The representative of Venezuela in the General Assembly, Ayush Gajadien, received the award for “Most outstanding delegate”, due to his insight and vision on the current issues from the first day of the training sessions up to and including the SUMUN on the 27th of April.
#healthaction The Rotary Club of Fort de France (Dean) is the first Rotary Club created in Martinique in August 1957 and its illustrious senior members have always worked for health in Martinique. 
In order to improve the psychological comfort of hospitalized children and to improve their acceptance of the medical fact and to relieve the caregivers and parents, President 2018-2019 Pascale Mouriesse and her members offered MFME (house of the woman, mother and child) on Tuesday, April 23:
- 4 mini-electric vehicles including a mini Porsche, a mini Mercedes, a quad and a small cart for children under 3 years old so that little patients can go to the operating room, the radio or for care. It should be noted that the Porsche and Mercedes can be remotely controlled via an IPhone or Android phone by the nursing staff. 
- 1 touch tablet and a Bluetooth radio CD that allow young patients to wait in the treatment room (blood test, infusion...)
For a value of 1649.89 euros, in partnership with King Jouet and Joué Club, who contributed to the success of this beautiful operation. Some university hospitals in France and overseas are already equipped with it and now the CHU (University Hospital Center) of Martinique also thanks to the Rotary Club de Fort de France. 
Thanks to the MFME medical and administrative teams and the media for the relay of this initiative: ATV, KMT, RCI, Martinique 1st web and France Antilles.
If we are to celebrate World Women's Day on March 8, 2019, this is proof that we have not yet achieved the goal of considering women as full-fledged human beings with all their skills. and in all its diversity. Let's remember that in Rotary it was not until 1987 that the woman officially joined the clubs of this organization.

RCSWT Annual Diabetes Project Week took place from Monday 12th to Friday 16th November 2018, in recognition of World Diabetes Day (November 14). This project seeks to increase awareness about Diabetes, its associated effects and strategies to reduce the risk, both to students/young persons and adults. This year we collaborated with the Scarborough Secondary School (SSS) to execute an activity filled week, surrounding the theme, ‘Diabetes and the Family’. Rotary Southwest Tobago began this annual project in November 2007 in recognition of World Diabetes Day and the need for awareness and education in Tobago. This year marked a further expansion of our project, including Primary School participation by students of the Lambeau Anglican Primary School, Official Opening & Launch, and an extended interactive Health Fair & Closing.

The Rotary Clubs of the Central, East and North Clusters of Trinidad came together on Sunday November 11th and walked around the Queen's Park Savannah to END POLIO NOW. They were joined by Rotaractors and Interactors, family members as well as the Hon. Minister of Agriculture Clarence Rambharat.

The Rotary Club of Princes Town together with the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago, the Princes Town Regional Corporation and the Interact Clubs of Princes Town West Secondary School, St. Stephen’s College and Cowen Hamilton Secondary School held a Diabetes Awareness Walk on 04th November 2018 in Princes Town.
Cocktails at sundown to the lovely strains of Skiffle Steel Orchestra as the South Cluster Celebrated DG Dominique's visit ...
The Rotary South Cluster of Clubs Trinidad hosted a cocktail reception on the 13 October 2018 to celebrate DG Dominique's official visit to the Cluster at the residence of Rotarian Ronnie Bissessar at North Road San Fernando.  The event was attended by Rotarians from Clubs within the Cluster and many Rotarians from Clubs outside the Cluster and specially invited guests who joined in the celebration. His Worship Mayor Junia Regrello of the City of San Fernando brought greetings at the event and spoke of his participation earlier in the day in the Cluster's End Polio Walk within the City.  DG Dominique reminded Rotarians that they must "Be the Inspiration" and expressed her satisfaction with her visit to the Cluster. Rotarians and guests fellowshipped, enjoyed the gastric delights provided by Boomerang Caterers and later danced the night away to music provided by our DJ.
In commemoration of International Peace Day and Rotary's area of focus, On the 21st September, 2018, the Rotary Club of Princes Town held its first Youth Peace Day Symposium. The event was well attended with over 160 young persons in attendance and it  also received excellent Media coverage
In order to set the stage for the history of District 7030, I have taken the liberty of venturing even further back in time, to the origins of Rotary in the Caribbean.  Rotary was present in Cuba from 1916 to 1979 when it was suspended.  Cuba was the host Country for the 1940 Rotary International Convention.  By 1957 Cuba had 58 Rotary Clubs with 1,800 members. 
For the fascinating history of Rotary in Cuba and by extension, the Caribbean, go to:  https://www.rghfhome.org/first100/global/southamerica/havana/history.htm
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Rotary announces US$100 million to eradicate polio

Rotary announces US$100 million to eradicate polioEVANSTON, Ill. (June 10, 2019) — Rotary is giving US$100 million in grants to support the global effort to end polio, a vaccine-preventable disease that once paralyzed

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Value of Rotary volunteering

A special report prepared for Rotary International by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies estimated the value of Rotary member volunteer hours at $850 million a year.

Rotary 110th convention brings world to Hamburg

Rotary brings the world to Hamburg  One of the city’s largest and most multi-cultural conventions will bring €24 million HAMBURG, Germany (30 April 2019)