Message From Committee Chair PP Adrian Randall

   "I was honoured when DGE Tony Watkins asked me late last year to chair a new District 7030 Project that he wished to set up for 2010/11.

   I readily agreed as I firmly believe that diabetes is an ever increasing challenge not just for us in the Caribbean but throughout the world.

    So why is this diabetes project important?


   Since the late 1960's we have witnessed a transition from a disease pattern dominated by infectious disease to one in which chronic non-  communicable diseases (NCDs) occupy centre-stage. One of the leading NCDs is undoubtedly diabetes. The worst region in the world in percentage terms as regards the prevalence of diabetes is that which we are part of - North America & Caribbean (NAC). All of District 7030 territories have effectively a comparative prevalence higher than the average for the world of 6.4%.

 What are the objectives of this project has set out in that 2010/11 Action Plan?


  1. Increase public awareness in relation to diabetes by PR and education campaign throughout the fourteen countries in District 7030 
  2. Advocacy programme lobbying governments to pay more attention to diabetes prevention
  3. Promotion of diabetes footcare/Step by Step programme especially in those countries of District 7030 where not currently established"

For further information about the District's Diabetes Project, contact PP Adrian Randall, Rotary Club of Barbados South, email