Posted on May 02, 2022
Inviting people to become members has always been important. Now, a new society will recognize top sponsors

What is Rotary’s Membership Society for New Member Sponsors?

It is a recognition program for new-member sponsors, with a virtual gallery (accessible through My Rotary) that lists those who have achieved various levels of sponsorship.
The program went live in July and includes four recognition levels:
  • Bronze for Rotary members who sponsor 25 to 29 new members into their club,
  • Silver for those who sponsor 30 to 49 members,
  • Gold for those who sponsor 50 to 74 members, and
  • Platinum for those who sponsor 75 or more.
Members you bring into a satellite club that is sponsored by your club also count. If you sponsor a new member, you’ll receive a thank-you email from Rotary later that month. Once you reach 25, you’ll receive an email from Rotary letting you know that you are eligible to join the Membership Society.

How has the society increased enthusiasm for bringing in new members in your district, and why is this important?

With many questions and queries about how it works, there is undeniable great enthusiasm that has been created among Rotarians by the Membership Society for New Member Sponsors.
The brilliance of Rotary President Shekhar Mehta’s Each One, Bring One initiative is that it turns the traditional view of a membership committee of just a few club members on its head, by making every Rotary and Rotaract member a part of the membership team.
The Each One part rightly places the responsibility on every member, encouraging each of us to put effort into the growth that will keep Rotary alive. The Bring One part encourages us to focus on one person with whom we can share the gift of Rotary.

How should Rotarians talk to prospective members? 

Firstly...Listen to what they want out of a club – we need to focus less on how Rotary does what it does and focus more on why.
With many new members, the connection typically begins with conversations and stories about projects, those who have been helped, those who still need help, special interests and the great work that Rotarians. In most cases, discussing why Rotary exists — to do good in the world — works best.

What is Rotary’s best value proposition?

One of the greatest values Rotary offers is the ability to develop lifelong relationships while serving with other members, locally or internationally.  Many of us look forward to regular club meetings as a chance to catch up with Rotary friends who live close by. Additionally, through international service opportunities and exchanges, thousands of Rotarians have developed wonderful friendships with others from across the globe.
In building these relationships, Rotarians derive two additional benefits:
  1. A strong and reliable network of professionals which can provide additional resources for business, personal or project needs
  2. A family of committed and like-minded persons with the goal to help others and do good in the world through bigger and better projects
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