Posted on Nov 08, 2019

District Governor 2019-2020, Trevor Blake, recently visited the Rotary, Rotaract Club and RotaKids Clubs of Martinique. The DG's visit started with an interview with elected members of the CTM, Claude Lise, President of the Assembly, and Miguel Laventure, Executive Councilor. DG Trevor also met and worked with club members and committees during his visit. 
During these meetings with clubs, the DG discussed the projects planned for the Rotary year and asked clubs to focus on projects related to diabetes prevention and management, as well as, those related to youth-at-risk. DG Trevor also encouraged members to strengthen ties within the club, the Rotary family, the district, as well as, in local communities. According to DG Trevor: "these goals will not be easy to achieve. Let's unite and act in our district to make 2019-2020 a great success."
During the 2019-2020 Rotary Year, individual Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have been encouraged to connect with other social partners to pursue sustainable development initiatives, which promote the inclusion and empowerment of the most vulnerable members of their communities, in an apolitical and nonpartisan way. 
While in Martinique, the DG also participated in "Relay For Life", shared a lunch for the handicapped in the Terres-Sainville restaurant arranged by the Rotary club of Lamentin and devoted a part of his stay to a visit to the city of Saint-Pierre.
After meeting with the mayor, Christian Rapha, the DG visited the Memorial Museum of the 1902 catastrophe Frank A. Perret and the Tracejectoire fresco, which tells the story of the uprooting of men and women from their African land to be enslaved in a distant land. This story written in stone interested DG Trevor as the French settler and buccaneer Pierre Belain D'Esnambuc also annexed his homeland of St. Kitts in 1625, the first French colony in the Antilles.