Posted on Jul 12, 2018
Now we are !
Fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, on this 1st July, we will try to register and implement all the guidelines that will give us the new pulse of the Rotary of tomorrow.

As I already have the occasion to tell it at District Conférence,  we must initiate the change in our District 7030, as it happen in the other districts.
First of all, it’s important that we welcome our Rotaractors into the Rotarian Family and that we work more with them. Rotarians do have the experience, but Rotaractors have knowledge of new technologies. Rotaract is not just an association, as we so often hear. Rotaract is a Rotary program destined to train youth and encourage them to join Rotary least at the age of 30.

We also have to supervise our Interactors for they  follow the way of the Rotaractors and we have to work on EarlyAct’s creation in our District.

As we continue to train the youth generation, we will need to strengthen an grow our membership in our Clubs and in the District with members who are willing to serve though fellowship.

It’s essential that new members are properly trained on what our organization is and what we are doing in it. But above all else, it’s necessary that they find an interest and a useful place.

This year, I want us to focus on education, and in particular, on the fight against illiteracy. For those who attended the Convention in TORONTO , I suppose you may have noticed how many speakers talked a lot about the priority item. Illiteracy is a disease among our population and in our region, and its statistics juxtapose with those of poverty. This represents a barrier to socialization and professional re-socialization.

It’s necessary that the work we undertake be sustainable. The task is heavy and difficult because it's also delicate. But let's face also restores confidence to our fellow citizens, to this population which does not dare express itself by fear and lack of confidence. We must allow them to access a stratum of the social ladder, to which they could not even have access.

We must restore our public image. We aren't visible enough and the world doesn't know what we are doing…

I think eradication of polio is not nothing, isn't it? And despite of that, we have to explain what we are, and what we do.

Communication is the opening to the world. If we don’t use it, our actions will not have impact. Our dear Rotaractors have understood this well !

The impact of our actions depend of the weight they will have. Let’s not be afraid to work with several Clubs on the same action, so that its radiation covers our regions and tomorrow our communities remember that Rotary has done!

This year, as in PDG Waddy’s year, we will attach great importance to explaining what is THE ROTARY FOUNDATION through programs like Rotary Leadership Institute. It’s essential that the mechanism is understood by all and that the Clubs request and use District Grants and Global Grants in light of many needs of our communities, and that they don’t feel they are giving money for nothing. I don’t know any banks that multiply your winnings so fast as THE ROTARY FOUNDATION does.
My goals are simple and achievable. I would like a minimal contribution per member this year to be US $100 and that each Club have an eligible member for the Paul Harris Society (donation of US $1,000 every year), as well as, a major donor per territory (US $10.000).

Finally all this can only be done with respect of the four-ways- test. Let's take the time to question how we do things, about the respect we have or should have for each other, about the recognition of the work done by each and about our humility, which is the foundation of this organization. 
The concept of camaraderie is important in Rotary. It is because it exists that many things are possible and that the desire to do more and more animates us. Do not lose sight of this aspect which is fundamental and strengthens the links between peoples.

Club Presidents, like me, have to be the inspiration of this change.  We will not stop to explain and  explain again. We will have to listen our members. We will have to ease tensions through training and explanation. We will have to inspire, and will have to give inspiration to new persons joining us in the Rotary movement. Let’s not lose sight, it’s not about us, but about those who are not lucky enough to be who we are: privileged people.
My dear PDG Waddy, I know how the task has not always been easy. But I know how much, you strove to make your decisions right. I want to congratulate you for the work done in your year and the valuable help your wife Shirley has brought you. I hope to meet your expectations and continue the work initiated. I know I can count on your help and that of your predecessors and my successors.

I remain fundamentally convinced that success is in the strength of the team and in the skills that constitute it. I thank all the members of the District team for supporting me and accompanying me on this adventure for a year.

As I like to repeat, I am not a wonder-woman. I live like every one of my Rotarian friends in the District, with my questions and my fears. I'm not afraid to say that I do not know and ask for explanations. But I know one thing is that I will not be what I am without your help. 

Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, we are all on board the Inspiration ship for a year.  I wish you an excellent year 2018/2019, and the Energy and the Best to achieve your goals.
See you soon
Your in Rotary !
DG Dominique 
What do you hope to achieve during your year as District Governor?

I hope during my year to show an image of Rotary that inspires people who hesitate to join our Rotarian family. The values that motivate us have enabled Rotarians for 113 years to help our communities, using our skills and expertise in the six areas of focus we have.
Additionally, to be able to tell ourselves that what we do daily in a professional situation can contribute voluntarily to help families and in particular children.
How many people actually know that Rotary has been working for 40 years to eradicate polio in the world?
The bonds of friendship and fellowship unites members of this large family, and permits us to set up bridges and find quick solutions.
I hope that the youth we train in our Rotaract program will continue and join us naturally in Rotary when they reach 30 years old and, thus, perpetuate and transmit our Rotarian values to future generations.

Why do you think Rotary is important in the Southern Caribbean?

Our southern Caribbean region is very beautiful, but very fragile. Few of our countries are spared by hurricanes or earthquakes when they are not hit by both. Rotary and other organizations of course help at these major events.

The territories of our District are former European colonies, which for many, only got their independence a little more than 30 years ago and still have problems of sanitation, health problems such as obesity, diabetes, sickle cell disease for example, illiteracy problems with a relatively high rate in our region, which needs economic development and to professionalize young adults who will enter the labor market. At this stage for many of our territories, Governments are not able to do the job alone, hence, the importance of Rotary.
How can clubs encourage more people to join Rotary?
I remain persuaded that to make you want to join and to influence, you have to talk about our actions, you have to show them by example, you have to live Rotary values to reflect the pride of having taken part in an action that will improve the situation of your community, or your neighbor's daily life. I think that Rotary's communication is not enough, not visible enough and needs to be more noticeable.

We must use all the tools that exist today to explain and say what we do. Maybe more pictures, because it's certainly the way to impact our minds today. 

But to be able to tell our experiences and share them with the public is a way to touch the hearts of people and make them want to join us in this great adventure.

What is your message for clubs that are struggling to find new members?
I will tell them it's important that a good atmosphere reigns in their clubs. Going to your meetings and working on projects should be a pleasure. We must want to talk about and to share them. It's the reason why fellowship really has its place in Rotary and respect too.
I will tell them also that it's important to facilitate rules within their Club. Give more flexibility to allow prospective members to find their place in the club and attend their meetings and work in their clubs. I think we should not hesitate to review either the meeting times or the format of the weekly meetings. Nothing is fixed in this world!
I will say to them,that they must imperatively look towards our youth, who are already trained to join our Clubs and to accept and to trust them. For youth, it is a question of future,for us Rotarians, it is a question of transmission. This exchange must be win-win. We all benefit from this partnership if we work with intelligence and open-mindedness. Rotary does not belong to us. We contribute by our actions to its development.
Finally, I will tell them, that they must understand that world is changing very quickly, and that we must mentally adapt to this change by agreeing to train continuously to keep abreast of Rotary developments.
Why did you want to be District Governor?
When I joined Rotary,' never imagined for one second I would one day become Governor of my district. As I explained on June 16th during my installation, it's my career in Rotary, which is a path of commitment in the sense that I accepted to take positions of responsibility from the beginning, and naturally, my Rotarian friends encouraged me to apply.
What I've known since I'm a child, is that the well-being and success of people around me is important. Now that I accepted the post, I remain convinced that it's an amazing human adventure.
My greatest wishes are to meet a maximum number of illuminated faces because of Rotary which would have helped them, to meet children whose lives we will have improved a little and to see young people whose future career will now have another flavor because of Rotary's contribution.
I am by nature an eternal optimist. It's probably a little naive to believe that there are solutions for everything, but I believe that once we agree to work together we will find them.
I have the annoying habit of believing that chance does not exist, and that even if we are alone in our fate, the encounters we have throughout our lives affect our choices, what we are and who we are.
In becoming District Governor, I found that I think the communication channel that will allow me to share my optimism is by saying YES it's possible! We have the capacity to do it! Let's go together!
The theme for this year is 'Be The Inspiration" and for my district, I wish to be that inspiration which will ensure progress.