Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text
What is translation?
Translatio is a Latin word that means "carrying across" or "bringing across". As if you’re bringing a text from the source language (or native language) to another! Oxford Dictionary defines translation as the process of changing something that is written or spoken into the target language. Since the origin and the modern definition of translation are quite similar, people generally don’t have a hard time understanding the scope of the translator's work.

What does a translator do?
Professional translators can either communicate written content in their mother tongue or different languages they have expert knowledge in. Usually, a translator specializes in one subject area and possesses thorough knowledge in the industry of their choice, which allows them to convey culturally specific references in the written material in multiple languages using translation memory.

Translation memory is a helpful tool for professional translators that simplifies the translation process. It reminds of a database with reference materials, sentences, and phrases in the source language and target language based on the translators' work in the past.

When do you need translation services?
Translation services are convenient in many niche situations, or with widely disseminated materials (to a broad spectrum audience) such as documents, emails, presentations, fliers, posters and many other places where every written word matters. In comparison to interpreters, translators have an opportunity to access dictionaries and do linguistic research as they go through the document. Interpreters, however, have to rely on their preliminary notes, adjusting to the speech with minimum delays and refraining from using dictionaries during the assignments.
What translation services does District 7030 provide?
As its primary service, District 7030 provides equivalent translation services for English and French content – English to French and/or French to English.
However, the same equivalent services are facilitated by District 7030 for the following languages: Dutch, Papiamento and Spanish
What do District 7030 translation services involve?
While the translation process itself is relatively simple and straightforward, there are a few additional steps and criteria which need to be applied both before and after translations so as to ensure the best service is provided:
  1. Prior to submitting your content for translation, it is always best to first contact and check with the District 7030 Translation Team to determine what your translation needs are, as well as, how the Team can  best meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner – where necessary the District 7030 Translation Team can provide you with an official estimate or pro forma invoice for its services
  2. Once satisfied with the proposed translation service, you would extract all text to be translated from the original source "file" and copy appropriately into the District 7030 Translation template (available here or by request to the Team), under the following guidelines:
    • Template does not cater for images/graphics – any text contained within graphics or images must be extracted and placed within the template as text
    • Template should be accompanies by copy of the original document where appropriate (e.g. presentations)
    • Abbreviations must be defined fully
    • Special terms and terminology should be provided with an explanation where appropriate
    • Translation service does not include editing, creation or re-creation of document or visual layouts in any language
  3. Once your text to submit for translation is finalized and saved as a new DOCX file, you would then email this file (along with a copy of original document) and any supplemental comments to the District 7030 Translation Team
  4. A reply from the Team confirming receipt of your submission will be sent along with an anticipated turnaround time based on the following submission details
    • 250 words or less – turnaround is typically within 1 business day* 
    • 250-500 words – turnaround is typically within 1 to 2 business days*
    • 500-1000 words – turnaround is typically within 2 to 3 business days*
    • 1000-1500 words – turnaround is typically within 3 to 5 business days*
    • 1500+ words –TBD
    • *Please note that the above turnaround times are estimated and provided as a reference and do not constitute a guarantee of timeframes for translation services as such is based on availability of personnel, as well as, existing workload queues.
  5. Translation of your text is then a two-step process with one translator producing an initial translation, followed by proofreading and corrections by a second translator to ensure accuracy and thoroughness
  6. Once completed, your translated text is returned via email in the same side by side format with which it was submitted for ease of reference and comparison  
How much does District 7030 translation services cost?
How do I access District 7030 translation services?