Important: before planning any activity, please be sure to follow all COVID-19 protocols in place in your country, and take all necessary steps to protect participants, by reinforcing the need to wear masks, maintaining a minimum of six feet between persons at all times, and washing hands regularly.
Use the steps below to start planning your tree-planting activities:
  • Set a goal and announce it
  • Identify a Project Liaison to report to the District on your project
  • Check out the materials available for presentations to clubs and schools.
  • Call your local authorities to find out how Rotary can partner with local projects
  • Involve Rotaract, Interact and even EarlyAct in your tree planting activities
  • Create a project team, brainstorm, delegate, and have fun!
We encourage you not only to plan regular tree planting activities in your communities, but also to engage in related activities to raise awareness and drive change:
  • Host a tree-planting event
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of planting / restoration (in communities, schools etc.)
  • Organise community drives to plant trees on land that has been degraded
  • Identify conservation challenges in the community and find ways to address the cause(s)
  • Engage with policymakers on wildlife corridors and conservation
Five Key Ingredients to Successful Tree Planting:
  • Source high quality trees - 7-15 gallon trees are optimal for volunteer planting
  • Right tree, right place - carefully plan tree planting locations, partner with local experts
  • Make it FUN - organise to make it easy for sign up and show up
  • Teach volunteers - use an arborist to demo and supervise proper planting
  • Tree stewardship - water the trees routinely after planting and plan for long-term care
We encourage Clubs to report results back to the ES Committee. Points will be awarded not only for the number of trees planted, but for the execution of the other activities listed above, and for the number of participants, especially those from Interact and EarlyAct. Email the details of your activity to
We also encourage you to share photos and results from your tree-planting activities on social media, using the hashtag #7030treeplanting. The District website will showcase photos and allow participants to track progress via an interactive leaderboard.
At the end of June, all data submitted will be collated, and a determination made as to the country that has made the biggest impact per capita.