The Clean Swell App

The Clean Swell app is a powerful tool for facilitating the tracking of waste collected during clean-up activities. Before embarking on a clean-up activity, encourage your participants to download the app for free from the link below.
The app offers a number of features, including the ability to track waste collected down to each individual item. However, for the purposes of the competition, it is acceptable to simply enter the number of bags of trash and total weight, for each activity.
When using the app, please remember two very important points:
  1. Include the word Rotary in the description when creating your event. This will allow us to track your results. There is no need to include your country, as this will be included automatically in the data that you share.
  2. Don’t forget to submit the total waste collected once you have finished, so that we can add it to the results. This is as easy as selecting the number of bags and approximate weight of the waste collected prior to submission.
Download the app here: Clean Swell