Posted on Jul 27, 2020
The world is facing a global crisis and in these difficult circumstances, The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees is making tough decisions to enable our organization thrive. They reported that in 2013-14, when global grants were introduced, the Foundation awarded 868 global grants worth US$47.3 million. By 2018-19, the number of global grants awarded had risen to 1,403 - worth US$86.6 million. However, while the demand for grants rose by 80%, corresponding Annual Fund contributions did not keep pace, showing only a 7% increase during the same time period. And therein lies the problem.
Last year, the World Fund budget for global grants was fully spent by mid-May 2020. This year, there is almost $12 million less in our World Fund for global grants. (And that has nothing to do with COVID-19; it’s because our Annual Fund contribution two years ago decreased significantly, especially after the sterling performance the prior year, which incidentally happened to be our centennial year.)

After much discussion and in-keeping with principles of sound financial management, our Trustees have taken 2 key decisions:
  • Effective immediately, there is no minimum World Fund match for global grants.
  • Global grants are now defined as having a minimum budget of US$30,000 and a maximum World Fund award of  US$400,000. Applicants can use a combination of District Designated Funds (DDF), cash, and/or directed gifts and endowment earnings to fund a global grant. The Foundation will provide a 100% World Fund match for all DDF contributions.

All the usual global grant eligibility criteria still apply to these grants, as the standards for these activities will never be compromised.

If you require more information, please contact District 7030 Grants Chair: PDG Lara Quentrall-Thomas