Posted on Jun 11, 2020
Register today for the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association's Global Cyber Peace Conference on 27th June! Join dynamic and interactive discussions with speakers and attendees from around the globe. Use the code ACCESSPEACE to register for free. Peacebuilding thought leaders John Paul Lederach, author of “The Moral Imagination,” and Irene Santiago, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 as one of 1000 outstanding women peacemakers and peacebuilders in the world will offer their wisdom and inspiration.


The 1st Annual Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association's Global Cyber Peace Conference will be a dynamic and interactive online experience featuring speakers and attendees from around the globe working collaboratively together from their own homes.
The year’s theme is “Envisioning the World after The Great Pause”.  Our traditional governmental, educational, business and family systems have been disrupted, how can positive peace inform how these systems are re-imagined and reconstructed?
All are invited to be a part of envisioning a world you choose to live in!


The conference will run for a full 24 hours, allowing participation from any location.
See here for the tentative schedule.
Each Zone Track has unique programming to feature regional voices and perspectives.
  • Zone 1 (Asia+Oceania) begins: 10:00 AM, UTC +10 (Sydney)
  • Zone 2 (Africa+Europe+Middle East) begins: 9:00 AM, UTC +3 (Nairobi)
  • Zone 3 (Americas+Caribbean) begins: 8:00 AM, UTC -4 (New York)


The RPFAA would like as many voices and ideas to be included as possible, so tickets prices are optional for those in a position to contribute. Any additional resources will be used to support the work of Rotary Peace Fellows around the world. Click here to register.
Please use the coupon code ACCESSPEACE to join this conference free of charge.
Registration Options (*pricing shown in USD)
  • Peace Supporter* ($100.00) Peace Supporters Pave the Path for ALL Attendees to Participate in this Unique Experience by Paying it Forward.
  • Peace Participant* ($50.00)
  • Future of Peace* ($25.00)
  • Peace Community * ($5.00) 
For FREE ACCESS to the Global Cyber PEace Conference please enter the coupon code ACCESSPEACE for any ticket level when registering.