Posted on Oct 27, 2021
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a multi-district, grassroots leadership development program of member districts organized into regional divisions in various parts of the world.

RLI seeks to provide quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills to Rotarians interested in developing their Rotary participation and to those identified by Rotary Clubs as having a potential in club leadership. These educational opportunities will teach skills that will benefit the members in their lives and in their volunteer service.

RLI is a grassroots coalition of Rotary districts implementing a leadership development program for “potential” leaders of Rotary CLUBS. Established in 1992, RLI has become a worldwide organization with divisions in every Continent of the world. While it is an unofficial program of Rotary International, it has substantial support of a number of past Rotary International Presidents and current, past and incoming R.I. Directors. The R.I. Board has adopted a resolution recommending RLI or similar programs to the districts and the Council on Legislation has twice recommended RLI to the Board.

RLI believes that excellent CLUB leadership (all types of club leaders) is essential to the future of Rotary in a complex and fast changing world. Most Rotarians have not been exposed to the great scope of Rotary around the world and have not considered what leadership skills are necessary to move Rotary forward.

RLI strongly believes that a good Rotary Club leader must know the evolution of Rotary, its current status and activities in the world and have a vision for what Rotary can be in the future. Therefore, RLI provides a three day non-consecutive basic course in both Rotary knowledge and leadership skills, especially for voluntary organizations. In addition to the specific leadership skills sessions, all the RLI sessions have a leadership component.

In addition to the basic three day course, RLI holds in-depth seminars on important Rotary subjects, including leadership, for the “graduates” of the basic course.
The mission of RLI is to have the clubs in the member districts identify those with the potential for future club leadership and send them to RLI courses at club expense. All member clubs may send any club Rotarian to RLI courses and any Rotarian may attend any course at his/her own initiative.
The overriding goal of the courses for club Rotarians is to create ENTHUSIASM for Rotary by opening up to them the world of Rotary outside of their own clubs and also showing them the great potential of Rotary service for the benefit of the world that can be furthered with excellent leadership in our clubs.
RLI is a general education program, while most Rotary International training programs are “job-specific”; that is R.I. trains Rotarians for specific positions. RLI is not a PETS or any other district training program, but graduates of RLI bring a greatly enhanced background in Rotary when they later attend job-specific programs.

RLI Sunshine Division

To accommodate clubs and districts around the world, "divisions" of RLI are charged with and responsbile for certain geographic regions. For the members of District 7030, it is the RLI Sunshine Division.

The mission of the Rotary Leadership Institute’s Sunshine Division is to provide an up-to-date, practical, and user friendly educational opportunity in convenient locations for Rotarians identified as potential leaders by their club officers. Courses are given to foster leadership skills and Rotary knowledge with the intent to motivate the participant to be enthusiastic, creative and dedicated Rotarians.

The goal of RLI Sunshine Division is to teach leaders about Rotary where its purpose is to give participants the necessary tools and skills to be better Rotarians. As in every endeavor, the more you know about anything, the more interesting it becomes. Rotary is most assuredly one of those areas that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. RLI can make that possible. Graduates of RLI are more likely to remain in, and be a bigger part of Rotary, than any other demographic.

Course Information

Part One: The Rotarian
Your introduction to the RLI experience. Begin your day by meeting fellow Rotarians and your Rotarian Discussion Leaders. Emphasis is placed on providing an overview of Rotary programs and helping develop ideas that participants can take back to their Rotary Clubs. Courses include Object of Rotary, Rotary — The Bigger Picture, Membership Retention, Rotary Opportunities, Ethics & Vocational Service, and Rotary Foundation I.

Part Two: The Rotary Club
The RLI journey continues, the depth of subject matter increases and focus is placed on fostering the qualities of a knowledgeable Rotarian by building on the basics learned in Part I. The day includes an individual analysis of your Rotary Club and its effectiveness. Courses include Analyzing Your Rotary Club, Leadership – Team Building, Strategic Planning, Service Projects, Membership Attraction, and Public Relations.

Part Three: The Rotary Journey
The final phase of RLI, courses become much more in-depth and detailed. Learn about opportunities available to you and your club through RI and how to best utilize them. Understand what it means to be a Rotarian and how you can use your RLI knowledge to better serve your club. Courses include Rotary History, International Service, Leadership; Effective Strategies, Rotary Foundation II, Communication Techniques, and Making a Difference.

For those who become RLI Graduates following successful completion of the three-part curriculum, Graduates can become RLI Discussion Leaders (by invitation only) and attend a series of RLI Graduate Courses which change from year to year.  These courses typically are focused on one Rotary subject for the entire day and are comprehensive and detailed.

Discussion Leader Training:
Learning to introduce and present a session’s purpose and to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences with everyone having an opportunity to think and participate.

Course Schedule - Traditional vs Online
RLI typically offers a leadership development program in five full day sessions where each course requires approximately seven hours to complete. Each live, in-person class is a day long session from 8:00 am until 3:30 pm. Addiitonally, no more than one class(part) can be taken in any one day where parts 1, 2 and 3 must be taken in succession and you must have completed Part 3 to take a Graduate Course. You must also have taken part 3 and be invited to take the Discussion Leader Training Course.

For live, in-person RLI sessions, all registrants will be required to pay at the time of registration. Current Registration fees are US $100 per session. Fees increase to US $125 for walk-in registrations on the day of the event. 

However, with the COVID pandemic and the various restrictions it brings, RLI Sunshine Division is now offering courses online in 1- or 2-hour live sessions. Part 1 is 5 sessions, Part 2 is 6 sessions and Part 3 is 5 sessions. Online sessions cover the same material covered during live, in-person sessions as follows:
  • Live presentations with our outstanding discussion leaders
  • Interactive program, discussion-based training
  • Same great content, convenient online format
  • Each Part will be broken into sessions of one to two hours each
  • Sessions will be offered on a variety of days and times making it easier to attend
  • You may register and pay for each session individually
  • Individual sessions are US $15 each
  • Materials and login provided with paid registration
Part 1 -The Rotarian
5 sessions (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5)

Part 2 – The Rotary Club
6 sessions (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6)
Part 3 – The Rotary Journey
5 sessions (3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5)
For a look at the upcoming course schedule with specific class dates and times, please click here.
For more information on RLI Sunshine Division, course schedule or availability and assistance with registration or payment issues, please contact:
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