Posted on Mar 20, 2020
Our RI Directors in Zones 33 and 34 organized and held a Zoom meeting on Friday 20th March 2020 during which Zone Coordinator George Robertson-Burnette discussed Rotary Coronavirus preparedness, and Directors David Stovall and Stephanie Urchick along with Director-Elect Peter Kyle also shared viable and helpful information to all clubs and Rotarians during this time of global pandemic. Please read more to view the recorded discussion.
The Zone and its Directors ask that if you find the contents of the video recording worthy for other Rotarians that you share it in your club's social media channels.
The Zone also emphasized that these Zone 33/34 Zoom e-meeting forums will be held regularly and encouraged all Rotarians to participate and log in either every Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. (EST/AST) or every Monday at 12:00 p.m. (EST/AST). Each respective e-meeting day uses a recurring link to connect, so just bookmark the day you attend and you're all set for the following weeks. The RI Zones 33/34 Facebook Group will also have a post the day before each e-meeting and provide the link to log on to the e-meeting (see below).
It is the hope that these videos would serve as a weekly meeting, either as a club via a watch party or emailed to all members of the club.
The Zone highlights and suggests these weekly e-meetings as an effective means of interacting as Rotarians and a positive way of keeping us all engaged!
Lastly, Zone Coordinator George Robertson-Burnette has prepared a response guide for Rotary clubs which contains valuable information and suggestions on how best for clubs to deal with the current situation (see below)
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To join the bi-weekly Zone 33/34 Zoom Meeting