On Sunday 16th October 2016, the Rotary Club of San Fernando hosted its first Medical Outreach for the Rotary year at the Williamsville Community Center. From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, doctors and nurses accommodated about 90 individuals from the area, running several common health tests and general checkups on all present.
Club President Robert Qui getting examined by one of the volunteer doctors at the programme
While the tests performed at the programme were basic, they often help to identify and educated persons on high incident ailments among a population that if not receiving regular check-ups, would otherwise go unnoticed and untreated and develop into more serious ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and glaucoma to name a few.
On the day, several individuals and organizations contributed in the outreach:
  • Glucose Testing was done by pharmaceutical distributor Anthony P. Scott & Co. Ltd.
  • Vision Testing was conducted by representatives from Value Optical
  • Dental Screening was provided by Dr. Harvey Koylass
  • Blood Pressure Testing was done by the doctors and nurses from the local health centre
  • Basic Pharmaceuticals were distributed by members of RC San Fernando
The Cerebral Palsy Society and Queen's Park Cricket Club also joined in the efforts of RC San Fernando at the Medical Outreach programme which in the end was successful in educating the citizens of Williamsville on wellness and healthy lifestyles.
Club Trearurer and Pharmacist Shiva dispenses
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