Posted on Sep 25, 2020
On 10th September, the Rotary Club of Paramaribo Residence held the 19th edition of its Go GLO event and achieved great success. GLO is a Dutch abbreviation for 'Normal Lower Education' which applies to primary or elementary schools. Go GLO is the club's yearly signature event where the top graduates from primary schools are honored and put into the spotlight. The event aims to encourage and motivate younger generations (8-12 years old) to do their very best at school. This year the event was made completely ‘Corona proof’ by organizing a drive-thru party for the graduates. A Go GLO event record of 301 participants passed by different “hotspots” where they received gifts, snacks, school supplies. The event was topped off with certificate presentations to students by the Minster of Education and Minister of Defence. The top 5 students for the year received special awards, as well as, recognition from the Minister of Education Ms Marie Levens.
Go GLO is an expression of encouragement for the children and used as a chant during the event and on social media.

The project was initiated in 2002, in the inaugural year of RC Paramaribo Residence and honors the top graduates of the sixth and final grade of elementary school, namely those who have achieved an all-year average of 60 points or more for 7 subjects. The primary goal of the project is to incentivize children in elementary schools and to encourage them to always try a little harder and aim to do their best.

Traditionally, Go GLO consisted of a big event in a large movie theater attended by all the top graduates and their care-takers. It included addresses by the Club President and the Minister of Education, each graduate receiving a school bag with school supplies and other gifts, and a Go GLO certificate. In addition, the student with the highest grade and the school with the most top graduates received extra financial awards. After the official proceedings on the day, the graduates continued with an educational challenge tour, organized by the Rotaract Club F.R.E.S.H.

In 2020, restrictions due to COVID-19, including prohibition of gatherings of more than 5 people in one space, forced RC Paramaribo Residence to completely re-thing and re-organize the event.

The idea of a Drive-Thru party was proposed and accepted and the top graduates were asked in advance (through social media) to decorate their cars and to compose a 30-second video on how they have been dealing with the effects of COVID-19 (with all children requiring parental consent).

The Rotaract Club F.R.E.S.H. is currently collecting and editing all videos received and will soon post to social media.
Drive-Thru Area
Minister of Education Mrs. Marie Levens (LHS) and Club President Robert Hahn (RHS) presenting a certificate to one of the top students