Posted on Sep 03, 2022
If one Googles ‘Consummate Rotarian’ a synonymous phrase will be, ‘Immediate Past President Alphonsus Daniel of the Rotary Club of Grenada’.
It is not very often that Rotarians, at least in District 7030 rise to leadership roles and immerse themselves in inspiring their Boards, Leadership Team and Members in living out Rotary’s Motto, “Service Above Self” with the intensity and passion that he did.
President Alphonsus’ year 2021-2022 was a tough, yet outstandingly successful one. While running his family-held Water Engineering and Plumbing business through Covid-19 Pandemic lockdowns in a contracting economy, the club, under his leadership delivered high-impact and high-visibility service projects with admirable alacrity and efficiency. As such, high membership-engagement and club size remained intact.
The club came to understand, accept and admire his style – leading from the front, hands-on, and no-nonsense. He has been held in such high esteem that some members jokingly discussed making him ‘President-For-Life’.  So profound were the club’s accomplishments under his leadership that he became the only Immediate Past President in the last twenty-five (25) years to have been celebrated in a special surprise event, held solely for that purpose.   
In his ascendency to the Presidency, Rotarian Alphonsus served on various committees and in several avenues of service. He networked quite effectively within and outside the club. In this way he was building the comfort and confidence required to be an effective rotary leader.  In rotary we espouse that it is through our professions and vocations, and the connections arising therefrom, that we endeavor to serve humanity. This President Alphonsus understood, embraced and used to maximum effect. More specifically his project management and negotiating skills were utilized to great benefit and effect.
IPP Alphonsus, became a Rotarian in 2014 at the Rotary Club of Grenada. He is married to Partner-in-Service Thelma with two young adult children Jabari and Jakia. No doubt, the love and support of his family is abundant, being a vital element of the formula for Rotarians to effectively live out the motto “Service Above Self”.  
Several of the significant accomplishments include:-
  • Distribution of PPE Supplies –Rotary Club of Burnaby, BC , Canada - Completed
  • School Backpack Initiative - The Grenada CovidCrisis Group : (504) backpacks outfitted with pens, pencils, eraser, crayons, notepads, pencil cases along with two hardcover note books - Completed
  • FOOD HAMPER PROJECT - The Grenadians United in Virginia Inc. (Grenada CovidCrisis Group), $EC150.00/person. vulnerable Grenadians with food hampers valued at US14,000.00. - Completed
  • Anti Childhood Obesity Activity - On March 6, 2022 - Over fifty participants gathered at Quarantine Park for the start of the Hash - Completed
  • Interact Clubs resuscitation and formation: Presentation Brothers College (PBC) and Anglican High School (AHS). – Active and ongoing
  • Extension of Grand Anse School for Special Education: Project submitted to secure EC $668,584.88 (US $247,000) - Green Climate Fund (GCF) - Not-yet-Started, awaiting Funding approval
  • Basic Need Trust Fund Project funded by CDB : Project proposal Supply Distribution Pipeline, Road & Foot Path upgrade, Construction of Public toilet/washroom facility and Construction of Rain water Harvesting System - $136,000 (EC) – Not-yet-Started, awaiting Funding approval
  • Good Neighbour initiative: This project is being funded by Grenlec Community Partnership Initiative, who have allocated $225,000.00, towards assisting eligible individuals and families with funding and managing energy cost – Advanced and On-going
  • Distribution of PPE Supplies –Methodist Circuit Brooklyn and Grenada in Collaboration with RCG. Joint handing over with RCGE - Completed
  • Grenada Spot Light Initiative –UNDP/RCG – Ongoing - To heighten awareness to end violence against women and children. - Completed
  • Quarantine Recreational park on-going Development – Planned works Completed
  • Donation of Dr. Marion Pierre/The Maria Holder Memorial Trust: $100,000.00 - Play Park Design and Construction - Completed
  • Mural for Walls of the Existent Toilet Block - $18,496.56 (EC) - Ongoing
  • Construction of the Gazebo: $57,173.83 - Completed
  • Awarded of Six Paul Harris Fellows
  • Achieved 6 new members with no losses – Membership grew from 37 to 43.
  • Beacon /Bonfire for Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee and Birthday of PP Lester

Si l'on cherche sur Google "Rotarien Accompli", une phrase synonyme sera "Alphonsus Daniel, Président sortant du Rotary Club de Grenade".

Il n'est pas fréquent que des Rotariens, du moins dans le District 7030, accèdent à des rôles de Dirigeant et s'investissent pour inspirer leur Comité, leur Equipe dirigeante et leurs Membres à vivre la Devise du Rotary, "Servir d'abord", avec l'intensité et la passion qu'il a manifestées.

L'année 2021-2022 du Président Alphonsus a été difficile, mais remarquablement réussie. Tout en gérant son entreprise familiale de plomberie et d'ingénierie de l'eau pendant la pandémie de Covid-19 et dans un contexte économique difficile, le club, sous sa direction, a réalisé des actions à fort impact et à grande visibilité avec une alacrité et une efficacité admirables. Ainsi, l'engagement des membres et la taille du club sont restés intacts.

Le club en est venu à comprendre, à accepter et à admirer son style : diriger depuis le front, mettre la main à la pâte et ne pas avoir froid aux yeux ... Il a été tenu en si haute estime que certains membres ont plaisanté en parlant de le nommer "Président à Vie".  Les réalisations du club sous sa direction étaient si importantes qu'il est devenu le seul président sortant des vingt-cinq (25) dernières années à avoir été célébré lors d'un événement surprise spécial, organisé uniquement dans ce but.