Posted on Sep 04, 2020
On Wednesday 2nd September, the Chief Executive Officer of the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), Mrs. Charmaine Donovan, presented a cheque of EC$25,000 to the Rotary Club of Antigua. EC$10,000 will be allocated to expanding the club’s oversubscribed COVID-19 Relief Food Voucher Programme, while EC$15,000 will be used to assist with building two new classrooms at the School for the Deaf. The CIU also made a donation of school supplies including bags, books, pens and pencils to the club’s Back to School initiative.
In explaining the rationale behind their decision to support the philanthropic initiatives of RC Antigua, Mrs. Donovan explained that the CIU has been looking for opportunities to execute small social projects which could positively affect the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda.
“We think it is important that fellow Antiguans and Barbudans are able to see the Citizenship by Investment Progamme working for them in tangible ways. We view the expansion of the School for the Deaf and the distribution of school supplies to underprivileged children as an investment in our country’s future. We are also delighted to partner with the Rotary Club of Antigua, an honoured social partner, whose charitable work improves the lives of us all”. 
Mrs. Donovan also indicated that the CIU is committed to supporting other meaningful and innovative projects, aimed at raising social consciousness and fostering community development.

In response, RC Antigua’s President Kevin Silston, expressed profound gratitude to the CIU for such a large and timely donation.
“We are extremely happy for this type of support which assists these three major projects that impact the community directly. Two of them are geared towards youth development, one of the the club’s main areas of focus the year. We are committed to making sure that our future leaders receive the best chances for being successful. The Food Voucher Programme has been oversubscribed from the inception and there are still a lot of persons who continue to reach out for assistance. Hence, we are truly grateful that we will be able to assist more individuals in a positive way”.
The presentation took place at Rotary House in the presence of representatives from the Citizenship by Investment Unit and Members of the Rotary Club of Antigua.