Posted on Aug 12, 2019
Meet our 2019-2020 District Rotaract Representative (DRR) - Anya Conchita Maritha Blankendal, age 29 from the Rotaract Club of Genesis in Suriname. Anya joined interact in 2007 and Rotaract in 2009.
What does being DRR mean to you?
Being DRR means being a Rotaractor who doesn't only care for her own club but has love for all clubs in the district and appreciates and respects all the work being done by all Rotaractors.
What is your theme for the year?
Excellence Through Quality.
What are your main objectives that you will like to achieve in your year as DRR?
I would like to work on club membership engagement and recruitment, the relationship between Rotary and Rotaract, and community wise focus on maternal and child health
What are you most looking forward to this year as DRR?
I am mostly looking forward to meeting all the members in the different clubs and also experiencing how they connect the world through their projects.
What are you not looking forward to / afraid of this year as DRR?
I am not looking forward to June 2020 unless we have added some quality and value to our District. I am also not looking forward to being misunderstood, I want everyone to keep the communication flowing clearly so we can move forward as smooth as cream cheese on a bagel.
What advice would you like to share with Rotaractors as they prepare for the new year?
The best advice I would like to share with my Rotaractors is to always speak up or ask questions if there is anything unclear so we can fix it together. That's how you build quality. And as you prepare for the new year make it known to your Rotary club that you want them by your side every step of the way.
Tell us something fun that you do...a hobby or talent that you have that most people don’t know about you.
I have a very creative personality. I can easily make something beautiful out of an ugly nothing. There is always music playing in my head and that's why I always dance even when there is no actual music playing and what most people don't know is that I can be very sad at times but you will never see it unless you look past the dancing and continuous laughter.