Posted on Jan 20, 2021
There are only a few things US $5 will buy nowadays – an overpriced cup of coffee at your local café...maybe a six-inch sub from that sandwich could buy some advertising that could revamp your entire Rotary club’s PR game plan and help you dominate social media!

Facebook ads and boosting your posts aren’t just good for exposure of your Rotary club, they can represent a fantastic opportunity to promote your club to attract people who would be unreachable through the traditional channels.

If you want to know why you should spend a little bit of money on your club Facebook page by using advertising, here are a few reasons for you to ponder on...

You can use it to promote your membership recruitment efforts or attract more people to attend your club events like fun-runs, auctions or other events.

You can specifically target your ads or a post with a wide range of criteria, including location, age, sex, education, work history and interests. Your campaign can be as specific as targeting only men over 50 who have an interest in golf near the Anytown track or as broad as anyone living in your country or region who “likes” music or graduated from university.

Facebook’s targeting mechanism makes it so easy to find the right people. What’s more, by targeting only those people who are likely to be living in your area that have an interest in your local community, you effectively focus on just those highly interested people.

The Facebook advertising platform charges only on a pay-per-click basis, so you’re not throwing money out the window on uninterested people. You’ll only be charged if someone takes the initiative to click on your post or responds to your ad to explore the opportunity further. So, basically if your club has a fantastic story to tell it is your job to captivate your audience with that story. Having a compelling image will also help to catch the Facebook users’ eye and that is your initial chance to pitch to a potential audience about your club successes.

One of the most powerful functions of having a Facebook ad or boosting a post is to drive traffic to your club’s Facebook page. If met with engaging and relevant content, this traffic can be converted into those beautiful page likes. In turn, those individual page likes become your own Rotary club fan community.

As fans, they will receive updates from your club page, including notifications of what your club is up to in the community, making them the ideal promoters for your club.

The gist is that advertising with Facebook gives your club the chance to put the world’s largest social network to work for you!

So the next time you pull out $5 from your wallet, stop and think that this $5 can help take your club’s Facebook advertising strategy to new and dizzying heights. 
Article by APIC Evan Burrell