Posted on Apr 29, 2019

#healthaction The Rotary Club of Fort de France (Dean) is the first Rotary Club created in Martinique in August 1957 and its illustrious senior members have always worked for health in Martinique. 
In order to improve the psychological comfort of hospitalized children and to improve their acceptance of the medical fact and to relieve the caregivers and parents, President 2018-2019 Pascale Mouriesse and her members offered MFME (house of the woman, mother and child) on Tuesday, April 23:
  • 4 mini-electric vehicles including a mini Porsche, a mini Mercedes, a quad and a small cart for children under 3 years old so that little patients can go to the operating room, the radio or for care. It should be noted that the Porsche and Mercedes can be remotely controlled via an IPhone or Android phone by the nursing staff. 
  • 1 touch tablet and a Bluetooth radio CD that allow young patients to wait in the treatment room (blood test, infusion...)
For a value of 1649.89 euros, in partnership with King Jouet and Joué Club, who contributed to the success of this beautiful operation. Some university hospitals in France and overseas are already equipped with it and now the CHU (University Hospital Center) of Martinique also thanks to the Rotary Club de Fort de France. 
Thanks to the MFME medical and administrative teams and the media for the relay of this initiative: ATV, KMT, RCI, Martinique 1st web and France Antilles.