Posted on Jan 11, 2021
With barbecues, golf tournaments, concerts, and several other types of events on hold or significantly restricted due to COVID-19, many clubs are finding their ability to support projects has been severely hampered because their regular fundraising activities have either been postponed or cancelled. No money in means no money out!

However, Rotarians are nothing if not innovative and there are of a number of novel ways that clubs are using to raise money. These are just some examples that you might like to consider for your own club:
  • Holding an on-line Trivia Night.
  • Donating the money that members have saved by not having to pay for the meal they would be having during their usual face-to-face meeting
  • Holding an on-line Silent Auction of a donated painting or piece of art or a special service
  • Holding a Virtual “Pooch Parade” where people pay a small fee to enter their dog in various categories.
  • Setting up a sewing group and sewing Rotary face masks which can be sold/donated (check with the Rotary Brand Centre for design requirements!).
  • Host an alternative drive-in or drive-thru event where health and safety precautions may be maintained.
  • Host an online or traditional broadcast telethon
If you or your club members have an interesting or innovative way of raising funds during COVID-19, please feel free to share your story with the District PI Team.