Posted on Aug 21, 2021
It is wonderful to induct new members and start new clubs, especially new style clubs. But, we need to retain current membership by engaging members.

How to engage new members?
Invite new members to participate in meetings, service projects, and other events, and see what interests them. Because mentorship is important to younger professionals, identify established members who would be great connections and make introductions.

When new members join your club, connect with them, and find out what inspires them. Create a new member orientation strategy to keep them active and engaged. Engagement leads to retention.

Ask your members to share their ideas. Show them respect, encourage them to make suggestions, and encourage others to take them seriously.

As new members take on leadership roles and start projects, it’s OK to ask if they need help. Check in regularly to make sure they’re finding their place in your club.

How to engage current members and club leadership
Assess and evaluate the health of your club and its membership by using the Rotary Club Health Check (PDF). Create awareness around the challenges your club faces.

Ask yourself, “Does my club need to evolve?” If it does, download the Membership Assessment Tools for step-by-step guidance.

Ask your fellow members what they want. Build trust and respect with them — former members, longstanding members, and current members. They hold the keys to your club’s traditions and to its future. The Member Satisfaction Survey (PDF) can help. 

Coordinate events, speakers, and develop service projects that are challenging, exciting, and relevant to your club.

Find ideas for activities that reflect your members’ diversity and personalities in Be A Vibrant Club.

Rotarians in clubs that have a strategic plan, report higher satisfaction and engagements. They are also more likely to intend to stay members. Download Rotary’s Strategic Planning Guide and Strengthening Your Membership: Creating Your Membership Plan.
And lastly...never stop asking yourself...

Are my club members engaged?