Posted on Mar 28, 2022
In 2021, nearing the end of the Rotary year, Past District Governor Lisle Chase connected District 7030 Rotaract Chair Giselle Holder with Mike Darragh - Rotary Coordinator for Zone 34 - who was very interested in how Rotaract is managed in District 7030.
Supported by current District Governor Sonya Alleyne during the 2021-2022 Rotary year, this connection has precipitated various and significant actions and appointments among the District 7030 Rotaract and Rotary family, including:
  • The creation of the first ever Zone 34 Rotaract Committee that comprises 14 Rotarians and Rotaractors from across  Districts 6900, 6970, 7020 and 7030 - all of which have strong Rotaract Clubs within our Zone. The focus of this zone committee is two-fold
    • to identify the ways in which Rotaract can grow in those districts where it is nearly non-existent; and
    • to add value to the Rotaract experience in those districts which have Rotaract Clubs in six (6) core areas:
      • Training
      • Development of New Rotaract Clubs
      • Communications
      • Disaster Preparedness
      • Service Projects
      • Cultural Exchange
  • Within the Zone 34 Rotaract Committee, District 7030 is well represented
    • Justin Seheult (Rotaract Club of Port of Spain West, Trinidad and Tobago) - 2021-2022 District Rotaract Representative Elect - who serves on multiple committees including Training and Cultural Exchange
    • Kareem French (Rotaract Club of Barbados, Barbados) - 2022 Rotaract District Conference Chairperson - who leads the Service Projects committee
    • Giselle Holder (Rotary Club of Maraval, Trinidad and Tobago) - District Rotaract Chair - who serves as co-chair of the Z34 Rotaract Committee and leads the Training arm.
  • Rotaractors from District 7030 will also be invited to join and be part of a multi-district committee within Zone 34 that focuses on sharing information across districts to promote and improve the Rotaract experience. Current District Rotaract Representative Mario Boyce was instrumental in spearheading this Multi-District Informational Organization (MDIO) - called Ascension MDIO - and sits on ts board as the District7030 representative.
  • For the 2022 Zone 33/34 Summit to be held in Baltimore, Maryland in September, Justin Seheult serves as a member of the Arrangements Committee and overall Planning Committee.
  • Appointed as an Assistant Rotary Coordinator for 2021-2024,  Giselle Holder is specially tasked with a focus on Rotaractors throughout Zone 34 and assisting Rotary Clubs to better support Rotaractors and Rotaract Clubs on their journey to becoming new members of Rotary.