Posted on Jun 15, 2021
At the beginning of 2021, the Club and District Support team for the Americas (CDS Americas) began hosting a monthly podcast titled: "All Things Rotary".

The objective of this podcast is to bring together voices from around the Rotary world to find a new approach to All Things Rotary and tackle questions and issues that Rotarians ask and hear about the most.

Each episode is hosted by Club and District Support Associate Officer Nick Taylor, and features Rotarians from around the world addressing relevant topics and giving their own perspectives and experiences.
Below is a summary of each episode to date and links to listen in to them:

But Like, How Do I Actually Start A Rotary Club?
This pilot (first) episode is a conversation with a Brian Rusch, charter president of the Rotary Club of Global Action, District 5150, and fellow RI staff on how you can actually start a Rotary club.
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But Like, Which Comes First: Club Attendance or Club Engagement?
The second episode features Giselle Holder, Club President of the Rotary Club of Maraval, Trinidad and Tobago, and Club and District Support (CDS) officer, Marni Nixon. They discuss how tracking club attendance might not be the soul indicator in determining member and club engagement.
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But Like, Does Setting Club Goals Matter?
Whether you've been a club leader, or are about to be one, you've probably been asked over and over to add and edit your goals and achievements in Rotary Club Central. But... what is the point of it all? In this third episode, find out why entering goals on Rotary Club Central is more than just an administrative task for your club from guests: Linda Morris, Club Secretary of the Rotary Club of Calgary Fish Creek, Alberta, Canada; Mary Turner, Governor of 5360 and member of the Rotary Club of Olds, Alberta, Canada; and, Sophie Dangerfield, Club and District Support Officer
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But Like, Why Aren't More People Talking About Satellite Clubs?
With so many different club models available, it is easy to forget the impact a satellite club can have. Join us for a conversation about how Satellite Clubs can be a foundation for accessibility and opportunity for new members to Rotary. In this fourth episode, Nick sits down with Andrez Perez, Andie Songo and Jeff Lake from the Rotary Club of Indianapolis to discuss how satellite clubs can be a foundation for accessibility and opportunity.
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But Like, What Does CDS Actually Do?
Ever wonder what CDS means and what our team does? In the 5th episode follow along in a conversation with two fellow CDS officers - Alicia Pijal-Avila  and John Hannes. You will learn more about what Club and District Support is, debunk some Rotary myths, and clarify how we can work with you! 
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