Posted on Mar 22, 2022
Message From Our Leadership

Rotary's Action Plan is our path to achieving our vision of bringing even more people together to create lasting and positive change in an evolving world. As we continue to make progress in the third year of this five-year strategic plan, I want to update you on our efforts to achieve the four strategic priorities.

Increase Our Impact
We're implementing consistent practices to measure the positive, sustainable change that Rotary creates and developing tools to share our impact more widely. We're encouraging clubs to implement projects based on well-defined community needs and determine how to best measure the incremental and long-term change that ultimately leads to a transformation in the community.

We're also working on a framework that will help us evaluate our programs and to make sure that they're aligned with our strategic priorities.

Expand Our Reach
For Rotary to remain vital, we need to reach even more people who are dedicated to sparking positive change. To do that, we're evaluating new club types, exploring additional ways of engaging people, assessing our current membership, and seeking to create a more open and welcoming environment.

We're gathering feedback and working to make sure that our culture reflects the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We've convened a DEI Task Force whose members are considering our regional differences, needs, and priorities as they develop a DEI action plan for Rotary.

Enhance Participant Engagement
We want members and participants to have valuable experiences and find meaningful connections in Rotary. To achieve that, we're expanding our emphasis from membership to engagement. That shift means changing how we communicate about membership to increase our focus on engaging and retaining members and other participants, instead of focusing solely on recruitment.

We're identifying our strengths and addressing the gaps in our resources, curricula, and partnerships, particularly those that focus on leadership and building skills.

Increase Our Ability to Adapt
Successful organizations — including legacy organizations like Rotary — have to be efficient, innovative, and nimble. To increase our ability to adapt, we'll be testing different ways to structure our organization in order to learn how to be more efficient. We hope to expand the paths to leadership, improve the way we work, and open conversations to more people with diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences.

Rotary is hard at work building a stronger future to ensure that our values endure. But we can't do it without you. Your support and efforts to incorporate the Action Plan priorities into your clubs and districts is vital to Rotary's vision and our continued success. We're relying on you to take action to make this a reality.

To learn more about our strategic plan and find new resources to help you implement it, visit the Action Plan page.

Tom Thorfinnson
Chief Strategy Officer
Rotary International