Posted on Jun 19, 2021
2020/2021 has been a Rotary year like no other I have experienced in my thirty-eight (38) years as a Rotarian.  Winston Churchill once said that “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” As I am an optimist, I can honestly say that this year has been one filled with opportunities, to connect; to serve; to grow and to have fun.  Our theme for this Rotary year – Rotary Opens Opportunities, is amazingly to the point, both for Rotarians and Rotaractors alike.
This year has also had low points, in particular, when our dear friends and family members left us for their eternal home.  Maggie and I, like many of you were deeply moved by the loss, and we continue to hold up in prayer, those nearest and dearest to those who passed.   

I want to thank you all for working as a team to explore the countless opportunities that we have been presented with this year.  Although the year is all but over, the next Rotary year, is already warming up and will be ready to hit the road fully loaded on July 1st under the leadership of an awesome Rotarian, my friend Sonya Alleyne, of Rotary Club of Barbados South. Rotaractors will be led by an awesome Rotaractor, Mario Boyce from the Rotaract Club of Barbados.

Rotary District 7030 is an amazing District, filled with awesome Rotarians and Rotaractors.  We are working on projects that will increase our impact right across the District.  We are being noticed by our communities, and importantly, by our valued partners and sponsors.  Thanks to you all, leadership is alive, and we have seen new leaders emerge from among us.  I urge you all to be engaged as we build our District based on our core values of Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service and Leadership.
Dream big my family, work hard to make your dreams reality.  Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
I urge you all to please support our Rotary Foundation.  Through TRF we are doing amazing work across the globe and in our communities.

Thank you for sharing your passion, your energy and your love.  Maggie and I will cherish the friendships that have been made and we look forward to a time when we will meet you all in the flesh.  It has been our honour and privilege to serve Rotary District 7030 as Governor (Team Leader).

In closing, Maggie joins me in congratulating DG Sonya as she assumes the leadership of our District on July 1st.  I am confident that DG Sonya will take our District forward and make it even stronger than it is today.  As we learn to live with the COVID virus, we will resume in person fellowship and strengthen those bonds that were formed virtually.  Exciting times are ahead, so let us support each other and our new team of leaders.

Warmest Wishes
Yours in Rotary Friendship
D. Lisle Chase
District 7030 Team Leader 2020/2021