Posted on Jun 19, 2019
In a few days , the Rotary year will end. This weekend I will go to ST KITTS and Nevis, to pass on the Rotary Chain of Office to DGE Trevor Blake. The handing over of chain of office symbolises the transmission of the office of District Governor, and continuity of the work done by Rotary in the District.
This year has been very rich and full of hope in many different ways. I was privileged  to meet and share with you during my official visits in you respective
I came to understand the depth of, your commitment and I was fortunate to visit many of your projects that you work on with such passion in your communities.
I really realized how your communities count on you to improve their daily lives. Our areas of Focus allow us to work on many worthwhile projects, specific to our region which is great …because it opens up the space for countless possibilities.
I think you all understand , that training and education will help us to resolve some health issues that plague our communities, and help us to change the way we live in our environment with others every day, to develop our own local economy, to better protect our communities and our region.
We must turn to our youth as they are better equipped in so many ways, to lead the change of how we live in harmony with our environment. It is time to stop generation conflicts, because the world is changing so quickly. We need them as they need us.
I discovered the true nature and beauty of our Caribbean people, and I observed many strenghts and some weaknesses of each territory.
You taught me a lot this year, about you and about me too.
Even if the task was heavy and sometime difficult, I had a lot of pleasure to accomplish my mission during this year.
You do voluntary work and you do a fantastic job, that requires your engagement and selflessness.
You managed to make me laugh, you touched my heart, and mosly you give the confirmation that even if sometime we do not agree on everything, our Rotary family is really a family with heart that support each other, and give a sens of purpose to your life.
I encourage you to continue your projects and always give your best. The greatest satisfaction for any Rotarian, is the smile of one who receive something from
Club Presidents for the Rotary year 2019/2020 have to follow the example of the tremendous work that has been done in this Rotary year, that will be a challenge but it is
one that I am confident that they will live up to. I wish them the best !
Thank you to each Rotarian, Rotaractor,interactor of the District for this marvellous year that has transformed my own life.
Thank you to my AG’s who have worked close to me and done a extraordinary job in their countries .
Thank you to my district and conference Teams for their engagement and their support.
Thank you also my PDGs and futures Governors for they precious help and support .
I wish my friend DGE Trevor a rich and full year 2019 /2020 of Rotarian adventures !
Yours in Rotary
DG Dominique