The early registration deadline for RYLA 2017 is quickly approaching <January 11th 2017>. Clubs are encouraged to register their participants as soon as possible to take advantage of the discounted price. Please remember this year's age range of 14-30 when selecting your participants from Rotaract and Interact.
3rd to 5th February 2017 - RYLA comes to St. Kitts & Nevis!

This year the Rotary Clubs of St. Kitts & Nevis will be hosting your RYLA delegates for the 2017 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) experience.
From 3rd – 5th February, participants will be encapsulated into a three (3) day experience that will change their lives forever. This year RYLA's areas of focus include: LEADERSHIP, CITIZENSHIP & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.
Participants will be engaging in interactive forums to discuss and debate the issues affecting their generation, share their experiences, be part of team building exercises and meet new friends from across District 7030, ranging from St. Kitts to Suriname, to our newest members from Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.  This event will also allow the participants to share aspects of their culture and learn about the cultures from the various islands and countries.
The registration cost of USD $750.00 (up to 11th January, 2017; USD $825.00 from 12th Jan to 3rd Feb, 2017) for each participant covers: hotel accommodation (Venue: Bird Rock Beach Hotel), all meals, local transportation, conference supplies, t-shirts, social activities, etc.

Local Rotary Clubs are responsible for collecting all required paperwork from participant(s) and submitting such along with payment to the RYLA 2017 Conference Secretariat by the established deadline/s. Please include the following documents necessary for RYLA registration:
  • Registration Form
  • Rules of Conduct Form
  • Medical Release Form & Proof of Medical Insurance
  • Participant Permission Form (for those persons under 18 years of age)
Payments for 2017 RYLA may be made via wire instructions found on Registration brochure.
For additional information on RYLA, please download full brochure from this page as part of the full registration kit that contains all the relevant documents and forms.

Inquiries and/or follow-up can be made to
 - RYLA District 7030 Secretariat:
 - Co-Coordinator Leah Crag-Chaderton:
 - Co-Coordinator Marcus Natta: