Rotary Club Central is essentially about GOALS.
  • How many of you have personal, professional, or financial goals?
  • And how many think that having those goals makes you more focused, motivated, and successful?
We can all agree that Rotary clubs are the same way. That in order to be effective and impactful, it’s important that a club know where it’s been, where it’s at currently, and where it wants to go.
RC Central is a tool that helps clubs do three basic things:
  1. Set goals
  2. Track progress
  3. Identify achievements (past and present)
It is important to note that RCC is a separate tool inside My Rotary (or the Rotary website). You can only enter club goals using this tool, not through a local database vendor (such as ClubRunner).
It should also be made clear that Rotary Club Central is not the end goal for Clubs. The end goal is more engaged members, better sustainable service, and greater support of the Foundation. Rotary Club Central is simply a means or a vehicle to help clubs think strategically, set realistic goals, and work toward their achievement.
Some added benefits to using RC Central to set goals are as follows:
  • Centralized Information: RCC provides access to all the data that was previously available from several reports
  • Eliminates Paper: RCC replaces paper forms related to things like membership, Rotary Foundation goals, & Planning Guides
  • Leadership Continuity: Club leaders change annually, so by offering them the ability to see a history of goals and achievements, RCC creates and fosters continuity among leaders
  • Track Club Progress: RCC enables club leaders to determine whether the goals they’ve set are realistic and make changes if needed
  • Transparency: RCC allows all members, District, Zone and International personnel to see club goals
  • Project Showcasing:  Rotary has previously not had a vehicle for collecting information about the millions of service projects that Rotarians undertake and the important work that Rotary clubs do worldwide. With RCC, clubs can document the details of their projects, including the number of volunteers and volunteer hours as well as list in-kind donations.
For a quick synopsis on RCC, see flyer available on this page for download.