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Since 2015 Rotary International has officially recognized membership growth as our top internal priority. We are a membership organization that delivers amazing service however Membership decline remains the biggest problem we have to solve.

Our clubs deserve a multi-year approach to create a membership culture that will result in consistent, moderate membership growth. And that’s what Zones 33/34’s Membership Action Plan (MAP) intends to help you do. Imagine… having more members to share the load in your club, to bring fresh ideas and generate energy, to give you the resources to do more good in your communities…

Imagine the increased impact…the difference we all know Rotary can make. By providing clubs an easy-to-follow path toward membership growth, we’ll go beyond imagining …. and make it reality.

Following the official launch and introduction of the Zones 33/34 Membership Action Plan (MAP) in July (click here to view), the next event in the MAP webinar series - Create A Membership Pipeline - will demonstrate the next steps in the process. . 

As a club or district leader interested in strengthening Rotary Clubs, you will want to Register NOW for the Zones 33/34 MAP Webinar - Create A Membership Pipeline taking place on Monday 08th August 2022 at 05:00 p.m. EDT

Get tools to:

  1. Find gaps in membership
  2. Identify superb prospects
  3. Excite members to fuel growth

Join Zones 33/34 RI Director Jeremy Hurst, Rotary Coordinators Terry Weaver and Mike Darragh along with the other members of the MAP Team as they roll out and demonstrate how this initiative

...is easy to follow

...comes in bite-sized pieces

...caters for both attraction and retention of members

...is backed by real time data

...is immediately actionable

For for more information, contact

This meeting and its content is specifically designed for district leaders such as DGs, DGEs, DGNs, PDGs, DMCs, as well as, club presidents, club president-elects and club membership chairs/directors - all of whom are invited to attend.

To register, if you do not have a DACdb account, please use the "Guest Registration" option