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Save The Date

To all 2022-23 District Advocates in the Rotary Districts of Zones 33/34: 

Can you believe 2022 is coming to a close?!  Thank you for serving in this role to connect Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors together with community needs to serve our girls even more!

Our next office hours will be held Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 10 A.M. EST | 11 A.M. AST. 

Join us to learn more, share ideas and interact with others around our Zones as we explore ideas and share projects to empower our girls. (Yes, this call will be recorded and sent afterwards if you have a conflict with the day and time.)

The goal of office hours is to support you in supporting our Clubs.  Connect and invite anyone that you know has interest in this Club level initiative.  Our goal in our 60 minutes together is to create a space where ideas and innovation happen.  We know that energy happens when we spend time together.  Register now at: https://www.rizones33-34.org/empowering-girls/  (Scroll down and you will see the registration link for office hours.)

Some reminders ahead of our meeting: 

Talk with your District Governor line and District leadership now as they are already setting training schedules and plans for Rotary Year 23-24.  Encouraging club and district presentations energizes clubs just by holding a conversation about what projects Clubs are doing and hope to expand.

Empowering girls aligns with Rotary’s areas of focus and the goals of our Action Plan: https://www.rotary.org/en/leave-no-girl-behind Review your District grants for Club projects already serving our girls.  Offer the Clubs opportunities to showcase their work at Club and District presentations.  

Encourage Clubs to enter projects in Rotary Showcase.  Rotary Showcase is the central location for all Rotary International Projects for all Rotarians. Help us find yours by uploading your projects: How to Add a Project to Rotary Showcase

Hold Club and District conversations about who in your communities is needed in the conversation to support our girls.  Include those you identify as part of membership action to grow Rotary.  Is there an area of need that you could see a club focus that would heighten engagement or an innovative Club forming?  

Join us to learn more, share ideas and interact with others around our Zones as we explore ideas and share projects to empower our girls.

To register for the Office Hours, please visit: https://rotaryshares.org/EmpowerGirlsNowOfficeHours 

Office hours are open to all Rotarians; the focus is supporting our District Advocates.  Office Hours will be offered quarterly and will be recorded and available for District Advocates.  

Zone 33/34 RI Director Jeremy Hurst is excited and inspired by the energy surrounding this initiative. He is committed to highlighting Club projects that are scalable and replicable to empower our girls more.  As a Zone Committee, we are humbled by the outpouring of Club projects that have been serving communities for years to improve the lives of our girls. Office hours are a time for District Advocates to come together, share ideas, ask questions and use the time to connect your amazing projects to resources. 

It is important to emphasize that this is a Club level initiative.  This is not a must do” initiative, but more so, a what are we doing” or “what can we do” initiative, particularly if you, as a District leader, identify needs in your community to empower girls.  We want to support your work and ideas, so please share this invitation with others who are interested in attending as you expand your network in your District.

For History:

Our goal is to continue increasing awareness of opportunities to Empower Girls through discussion and grow the success stories as showcased in our webinar series in 2021-22,which demonstrates the work to elevate awareness, Rotary’s history with empowering girls and Club projects that are happening in our Zones. 

To refresh your thoughts ahead of the meeting about the District Advocate Roles, we encourage you to read the attached document and share widely. Click Here for the District Advocate Role Overview

Thank you for your leadership to Imagine Rotary even more.  For more information or questions, prior to the 14th, email us!  See you on September 14th!

“We are going to shine a light on projects that put Rotary service on display to the world, and we are going to do it strategically.” – RI President Jennifer Jones, July 2022 Rotary Magazine

Join us on Wednesday, December 14th at 10:00 am EST | 11:00 a.m. AST via Zoom

Need anything in the meantime?  Reach out to our Empowering Girls Committee at empowergirlsnow3334@gmail.com


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