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Here’s your guide to ESRAG’s 2021 Rotary PreConvention webinar: a feast of 30-minute talks throughout the day by leading experts on environmental challenges and solutions.

Your US$20 registration enables you to view the talks that interest you.

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To make the program accessible to viewers anywhere in the world, the entire symposium will be broadcast twice, once starting at 8:30 am CST time (Taipei time), and again at 8:30 am EDT (New York time).  There will be a five-hour interlude of environmental videos between the end of the Taipei session and the beginning of the New York session. Questions from the webinar will be collected and answers posted with the videos when they are archived on the ESRAG website. This will provide an array of talks of an ideal length for Club meetings and District or Zone workshops. 

Each talk illustrates a challenge and solutions consistent with Rotary International’s new Environment policy. This will give you a sense of the range of projects Rotarians are now encouraged to undertake under the new Area of Focus, plus the expertise you can access through ESRAG.

Dr Christopher Puttock and Dr Patricia Armstrong will serve as Co-Hosts, welcoming you at 8:30 with an overview, and providing closing remarks. Chris, a systematic botanist, is Co-Chair of ESRAG and President of the Maryland Native Plant Society.  Pat is ESRAG's Communications Director and has doctorate in adolescent leadership for sustainability. Both hold and have held multiple leadership roles in Rotary.  See below for a glimpse of the topics and credentials of our speakers.

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