Grenada is hosting the conference in 2013 since the last one held here was in 1997 – over 15 years ago and it was time for Grenada to do so again.  In 1988, 5 years after the Grenada Revolution, the first conference was hosted and it was deemed to be an outstanding success with 588 registered Rotarians and Partners in Service - then known as Rotary Anns.  Grenada’s natural charm and eco –friendliness will provide the atmosphere to lure Rotarians and put them in the right frame of mind to focus on the RI theme – Peace Through Service. 

The conference centre will be at the Grenada Grand Beach Resort and Convention Centre.  It is the same location where the previous two conferences were held but the current facilities are bigger and more modern than before. 

The theme is the same theme which was created by R.I. President Tanaka - PEACE THROUGH SERVICE - and we decided that our District Conference theme should reflect that of R.I. 


The conference will be jointly staged by The Rotary Club of Grenada and The Rotary Club of Grenada East.  In fact, both clubs are just about equally represented on the District Conference Committee.

The registration fee for persons registering by February 15, 2013 is US$400.00 for Rotarians and US$200.00 for Partners in Service and after that date, the fee is increased by US$50.00 in both categories.

Rotarians can register up to the day the conference begins subject to, of course, the availability of accommodation but it is obvious that it will be to the advantage of everyone to register by the first deadline – February 15, 2013 in order to benefit from the lower fees.

The planning committee is hoping that well over 500 Rotarians and Partners in Service would register.  This would give the opportunity to put on show the warmth and friendliness of the Grenadian people and the beauty of our uniquely spicy country.  The District Conference also provides an opportunity for all Rotarians in the District to come together, meet one another, experience great fellowship, to interact with Rotary leaders, to learn about the service programmes and projects of clubs in the District and to share the vision of Rotary beyond the club level.

One major difference between last year’s conference and this one is that in 2012, it was held on a cruise liner.  Now that the conference is back on terra firma, the format will be more like previous conferences but will try to find innovative ways to make it more interesting, particularly for first timers to the conference.

One of the members of the planning committee is Ms. Margaret Wilkinson-Strachan, wife of PP Richard Strachan and herself a PHF who is very involved in most of our activities.  She has proposed site-seeing tours to different attractions and even a cooking session to teach how to make Grenada’s national dish – OIL DOWN.  The full list will be published on the registration form.

One major challenge would be obtaining sponsorship.  As you are aware, Grenada is experiencing tough economic times and even the larger more profitable business concerns are keeping a close eye on expenses, however hopeful that they would find meaningful ways to partner with Rotary in efforts to make the conference an outstanding success.  Hopefully, visiting clubs would make travel arrangements early and perhaps organize charters in an effort to reduce travel costs.