Are you ready for the 2017 RI Convention in Atlanta? Have your registered, paid and made arrangements for accommodations? Our District is well on its way to be being well should join those already set to go. Click here for more information on the Atlanta Convention
Over the last few months, registrations and payments for the 2017 RI Convention from Rotarians in District 7030 have steadily increased.
In the last month or so particularly, we have steady growth in registrations, where, as of January 2017, D7030 currently stands at over 190 paid registrants. Our goal was to secure 150 we have more than surpassed it and with just over five more months to go, we hope to see ever increasing numbers and participation.

2017 RI Convention House of Friendship “Country Store”

The Atlanta Host Organizing Committee (HOC) is planning to have a “Country Store” in the HOC Booth in the House of Friendship. We expect 35,000+ Rotarians and guests to be in the House of Friendship (HOF) and all of them want something to take back home to remind them of their experience at the RI 2017 Convention. Many will have children, grandchildren, etc. that will probably be expecting something upon their return home also.
It is our desire to have a representative sample of items to sell from around the southeast: Zones 30, 31, 33 and 34. Districts are asked to reach out in their respective area/s and let the HOF co-chair, Elwyn Gaissert, know who the best local artists, crafts people, and vendors who could provide visitors with souvenirs of their visit to RI Convention 2017 in Atlanta. If you or your friends have personal contacts with folks who can supply items to sell at the HOF, please reach out to them or provide relevant contact information to Elwyn who would be happy to make the contact himself if necessary.
Reasonably priced items like tile coasters with local designs, bagged pecans/peanuts, posters with scenes from your area etc., are some of the items that can be stored in the suitcase for the return trip home. Some big ticket items could also be sold like art pieces. Feel free to use your imagination and discretion.
The “ideal” situation would be to have the items donated, but failing that, we can enter a consignment agreement with the vendor.
For more information,
Please contact HOF co-chair Elwyn Gaissert:
Mobile: +1-678-468- 0811