If you’re looking for a partner for your project, you can specify the type needed, for example, local or international, global grant or district grant. The Sampaguita-Grace Park club found a funding partner through Rotary Ideas, which helped the club provide eyeglasses for children who had already been given eye exams. Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention, a Rotarian Action Group, is using the tool to line up partners for their annual Family Health Days in Africa in May.
If your project needs volunteers, can help you find them. Choose a day, list how many volunteers are needed, how long they will be needed, and what they will be doing.
To request contributions, list your total funding goal and suggested contribution amounts. Listing small suggested amounts and explaining how each level will support the effort will encourage contributors and give them a better understanding of how their money is being used. Use PayPal if your club can accept online payments, and watch even small contributions add up.
Resources & Materials
Use the platform to request project materials or in-kind donations. List the items, a description, and the quantity needed. Rotarians in Jacobabad, Pakistan, have found 100 maintenance kits for hand pumps and are seeking other materials for their efforts to provide sanitation and clean water for households still recovering from heavy monsoon rains in 2012. You must be signed in to your My Rotary account and be a club officer to post a project on Rotary Ideas. But anyone can sign in using Google or Facebook, browse projects, and contribute or volunteer.