Immediate past, current and incoming leaders should be the primary users (and editors) of RCC as they can enter their respective club goals for their term of service. Club leaders are typically granted more access/editing rights in RCC as they are integral in contributing to the necessary information.  Some of the key club personnel involved in managing RCC information include:
  • Club President
  • Club Secretary
  • Club Treasurer
  • Club Foundation chair
  • Club Membership chair
  • Club Executive secretary
However, all other members of a club can also access RCC. While not having editing privileges, all club members can view their club information (past, present and even future). For a successful club with engaged membership, it is recommended that all members are aware of the club goal and trend information input to and contained within RCC. This inevitably facilitates better transparency and communication among your club membership as all individuals are informed on what objectives their club is working towards for the current year and the status of such objectives. This can lead to better member understanding, better member commitment. better member engagement and ultimately better success stories.