I would like to extend to all of you the best wishes for the coming Rotary year 2011/12.  I am proud to be part of the Leadership group for what promises to be an exciting term with DG Lara.  


I take great pride in being the District Interact Chair.  Interact is the next generation of prospective Rotary members.  It's also a great vehicle for spreading the name of Rotary. Most importantly, it helps young people develop themselves and contribute to their society.


The primary goal for this term is to penetrate the various clubs across the district so that there is at least one Interact club per Rotary club. As DIC in 2009/10 there were then 39 active Interact clubs across the 80 Rotary clubs in the district with some clubs sponsoring more than one Interact Club.  That year we started about 10 clubs. The latest numbers from RI show 41 from about 35 sponsor clubs. So there are a number of Rotary Clubs in the district that don't sponsor an Interact school or community club.  


We have put up a Powerpoint presentation that is useful for introducing both Sponsor and Potential Interact clubs to the World of Interact.


The vision I have for Interact is as a "cool" movement.   Something that children would want to be a part of.  Some of the plans proposed in this regard are:

  • Encourage each club to set up a club Facebook page.  
  • Set up Facebook and You Tube pages for 7030 Interact clubs
  • Identify a celebrity icon that would endorse Interact.  Kees and Machel to be approached.  Any suggestions – sportsperson?
  • Launch an Interact awareness and membership drives month - October
  • Hold a District Interact conference
  • Interact month followed by fun day with project displays, events, sport, music and food
  • An Interact club party for after the Fun day
  • Partner each Interact club in 7030 with a Haitian school or community
  • Foster stronger ties between Interact and their sponsor clubs
  • Encourage every club in 7030 to set up at least one Interact club in 2011/12
  • Promote an Environmental competition addressing tree planting or electronic waste. Sponsors and judges required.
  • Appoint District Interact Representative
  • Source French translator for online communiqué – monthly District Website and Facebook.
  • Development of a database of District 7030 Interact Clubs and Presidents, Secretaries, School administrators including email and social network addresses for effective communication

I would appreciate if each New Generations Avenue of Service representative email me so that we can look into spreading Interact and also build a database with all relevant emails AG.


I am happy to share that the 2011-2012 District Interact Representative nominee is Ms. Kita Butler, President of the Interact Club of Antigua Grammar and Antigua Girls' High School. 


Jerrine Samlalsingh

District 7030 Interact Chairperson

Rotary Club of San Fernando

Mobile: 868-689-5922