This committee assists the governor in educating Rotarians about Foundation programs and fundraising activities and inspiring them to participate. It serves as a liaison between the Foundation and club members. The district governor is an ex officio member of the committee.
The members of the district Rotary Foundation committee serve as chairs of four basic subcommittees:
  • Fundraising — Coordinates the district’s fundraising goals for the Annual Fund and the Endowment Fund, soliciting gifts and educating Rotarians about their gift options
  • Grants — Oversees the qualification of clubs, assists clubs in applying for Rotary Foundation grants, ensures that proper stewardship and grant management practices are implemented, reports irregularities in grant-related activities, and promotes Rotary Foundation grants
  • PolioPlus — Supports Rotary’s commitment to polio eradication and encourages participation in PolioPlus activities
  • Stewardship — Ensures the careful management of Rotary Foundation grant funds and educates Rotarians on proper and effective grant management
Districts are free to appoint additional subcommittees to support their activities and goals. There are six additional subcommittees that can be reported online but are not required:
  • Alumni subcommittee
  • Annual Fund subcommittee
  • Endowment Fund subcommittee
  • Rotary Peace Fellowships subcommittee
  • Scholarships subcommittee
  • Vocational training team subcommittee

General Responsibilities of the Committee and Subcommittees include:
  • Assist the district governor in presenting a district Rotary Foundation seminar for club presidents, presidents-elect, club Foundation committees, and other Rotarians.
  • Help the district training committee conduct Foundation sessions each year at the presidents-elect training seminar and district training assembly.
  • Encourage clubs to offer at least two programs on the Foundation annually, paying special attention to November, which is Rotary Foundation Month.
  • Promote high levels of financial support for Foundation programs by encouraging regular contributions to the Annual Fund and gifts to the Endowment Fund.
  • Coordinate all district Foundation fundraising and program participation.
  • Encourage clubs to find current Foundation information at
  • Decide, in consultation with the district governor and governor-elect, how to use the District Designated Fund (DDF), as well as, authorize the use of DDF for grants and qualifying the clubs in your district.
  • Help the governor-elect gather input from club-level Rotarians before establishing district Foundation goals for the upcoming year.
  • Represent the committee in the DDF distribution process and, with the district governor, authorize the use of the fund for program, grant, and fundraising purposes.
  • Ensure that satisfactory final reports on district-sponsored programs and activities are submitted to The Rotary Foundation in a timely manner.
  • Serve as an ex officio member of all subcommittees, maintain contact with them to stay informed of their progress, and directly support them as needed.
  • Help the governor select qualified recipients for Foundation awards.
  • Qualify the district and its clubs to use Rotary Foundation grants.
  • Ensure that all clubs interested in participating in Rotary Foundation grants are able to qualify.
  • Help organize grant management seminars to qualify clubs. 
  • Confirm that clubs applying for global grants are qualified.
For a listing of committee chairs, please view District Organization List.