At the annual RI convention, fellow Rotarians gather from around the world to share stories, ideas, and experiences. This committee promotes attendance at the annual RI Convention to Rotarians throughout the district and encourage Rotarians in the district to be part of the convention.
General Committee Responsibilities include:
  • Attend club and district meetings to promote the convention.
  • Serve as a local resource for and provide convention materials and information.
  • Communicate with and assist the zone-level RI Convention promotion committee member assigned to your district.
  • Contact potential registrants.
  • Contribute convention articles and information to district newsletters, publications, and directories.
  • Translate important convention information into local languages, if necessary.
  • Create or expand a district website with links to convention information.
  • Organize district group tours for the convention (especially for first-time attendees).
  • Invite prospective Rotarians to attend the convention. (This is done mainly by host districts.)
  • Carry out marketing campaigns and promote contests put on by the RI Convention Promotion Committee.
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For a listing of committee chairs, please view District Organization List.