Effective public relations strategies can boost the positive impact a project has on a community.  This committee promotes Rotary to external audiences and fosters understanding, appreciation, and support for the organization’s programs. It also helps Rotarians understand that effective external publicity, favorable public relations, and a positive image build support for the organization, inspire potential donors, and attract possible candidates for membership.
General Committee Responsibilities include:
  • Maintain contact with the district governor and key committee chairs to stay informed about district projects and activities that can be promoted — particularly those that are of interest to the general public.
  • Promote Rotary to external audiences, such as the media, community leaders, potential partner organizations, program beneficiaries, and the general public.
  • Contact the media with newsworthy stories of district projects and events, and share district and club stories via social media.
  • Share Rotary public relations materials with clubs and encourage them to make public relations outreach a priority, using both traditional and digital media.
  • Seek opportunities to speak to individual clubs about the importance of club public relations, including developing websites geared toward the general public.
  • Promote all aspects of Rotary activities, such as PolioPlus, the six areas of focus, grant successes, alumni activities, and awards to districts and the Rotary community.
For a listing of committee chairs, please view District Organization List.