The responsibilities of Membership Development for a District are diverse and are often best served by dividing them up among more targeted sub-committees.
Membership Attraction & Engagement
By attracting new members and keeping existing members, we strengthen the clubs of tomorrow. This committee identifies strategies that will grow membership and promotes them to clubs in the district. 

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This committee identifies, markets, and implements membership development strategies that are appropriate for the district and will result in membership growth.
General Committee Responsibilities include:
  • Plan, market, and conduct a district membership seminar in consultation with the governor and district trainer.
  • Assist clubs’ member recruitment efforts, paying special attention to small and weak clubs.
  • Encourage each club to strive to represent the demographic composition of the community’s professionals.
  • Ensure that clubs are aware of the membership tools available from Rotary headquarters and that membership information is reported promptly to Rotary headquarters.
  • Work and communicate regularly with the district governor and club leaders to ensure that the district achieves its membership goals.
  • Coordinate district-wide membership development activities.
  • Encourage clubs to participate in Rotary or presidential membership development recognition programs.
  • Work with the district extension, the new club development and public relations committees to plan activities that will aid membership development efforts.
  • Encourage clubs to develop and implement innovative membership development strategies. 
  • Assist club membership committee chairs in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Visit clubs to speak about innovation, flexibility, diversity, and ways to engage members.
  • Work with the Rotary coordinator to plan membership activities in the district.
  • Check membership leads regularly and work with your district governor to determine who will manage them.
  • Encourage clubs to seek diversity.
  • Ensure that each club committee has a copy of the Membership Development Resource Guide (417) and is aware of resources available on
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Rotary Global Rewards
Rotary Global Rewards is a new member benefit program that provides members discounts on a variety of products and services. A Rotary Global Rewards committee aims to:
  • Encourage members to use the program by promoting the program at district meetings and other events.
  • Teach members how to redeem or create an offer.
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New Club Development

This committee works with the District Governor to identify communities that need new clubs. It helps organize new clubs by:
  • Identifying communities without Rotary clubs that have a population capable of meeting the requirements for chartering a new club.
  • Finding communities served by existing clubs that could benefit from new clubs.
For a listing of committee chairs, please view District Organization List.