It is possible to create a great looking club website that has all the information the public and members want.  Much of the content on a club website will be relatively static and simply requires an annual review to keep fully up-to-date.  The remaining, more "dynamic" content on a club website comes from material on projects, events and activities your club undertakes throughout the year and that you may or may not already produce information on anyway. Timely inclusion and publication of the latter not only ensures that your club website looks active and interesting, but also keeps persons coming back to find out more and generates interest in your club from new parties.
Over the years, many clubs have had some form of a club website with some becoming zombie or orphaned sites (i.e. no recent maintenance or updates), or disappearing altogether, while others have been enhanced and kept up to date. Concurrently, there are clubs that do not have a club website whatsoever.
To better facilitate and encourage every club in District 7030 to establish and enhance a proper club website, the District 7030 Communications Team introduces the Club Website Refresh Initiative and Promotional Discount. Beginning late 2022, District 7030 will provide support to any Rotary and/or Rotaract club wishing to engage in a refresh, rebrand or establishment of its website.
The purpose of this initiative is to provide clubs across the District with an established online presence and official centralized public reference, as well as, a consistent brand look, strong visual impact and ease of access to key information.
For those clubs which are interested in the initiative and offer, an upfront payment of US $150.00 to District 7030 is first required. The district will then match this payment as its contribution to the enhancement of a club's public image.
Whether a club currently has a club website and/or has a preference for a content management system, there are a few options available on what platform a club chooses to use for the refresh initiative. While the recommendation for clubs in District 7030 is to use ClubRunner as its content management system as it also provides the additional benefits of club and member management features, clubs also have the option to select other content management systems such as WordPress which may provide a more economical solution.

Regardless of the platform being used by a club, the District 7030 Club Website Refresh Initiative can include:

  • Homepage re-design with a visually engaging layout with simultaneous user focus for both members and visitors

  • Creation of a membership join page with email form

  • Creation of additional content pages as required (contact, causes/programs, about us, youth programs, Paul Harris, Rotary Foundation, etc.)

  • Integration of social media account links and feeds

  • Creation of Google Analytics account (if required) for website statistics

  • Information on e-Commerce capabilities and creation of Donate page

  • Current and correct usage of the Rotary Brand and Rotary Theme logos.

  • Improving website adaptiveness to ensure it displays better on mobile devices

  • Training of club personnel to keep your website fresh and current


How Does The Club Website Refresh Initiative Work?

The cost of the club website refresh initiative is US $300 per club. A participating club is required to pay US $150 (50% of total) upfront, with District 7030 contributing the other 50% so as to assist and encourage clubs to participate in the initiative. It should be noted that clubs are required to meet certain conditions and criteria in order to qualify for the District's contribution - District 7030 will not contribute the other 50% of the cost should any club fail to meet such requirements where that club shall be charged the balance of US $150 towards the cost of the initiative.
Upon payment of the initiative fee and completion of the application, Melissa Wells from Ex Nihilo Website Designs - a professional web developer and designer company - will contact the respective Rotary Club contact person to arrange a Zoom kick-off meeting to discuss specific website design and content goals. Any and all appropriate club personnel and/or members may participate in this kick-off meeting.
The Club Website Refresh Initiative will be offered on a first come, first serve basis, as completed applications are submitted and received. 
Following the kick-off meeting, the website redesign work will be completed and a club will quickly be able to see the fresh new results in its "new" club website. Part of the website redesign is to ensure your club website works well on mobile devices so as to ensure complete and proper access to all users and visitors.
Once the redesign work is completed, your club will then be provided with a one-hour Zoom training session where a recording of such will be provided to the club to use an an ongoing resource and reference. This training session will provide the information and helpful tips for club personnel to keep its website fresh and up to date. Any and all appropriate club personnel and/or members may participate in this training session.
After the training session, a club would be required to meet the following conditions/criteria within fourteen (14) days:
  1. All Rotary logos are current and correctly used on your club website and social media accounts (where all clubs must have at least one active and up-to-date social media account)
  2. All current and incoming club officers and primary chairs are updated and identified on My Rotary and ClubRunner (via club or district version where applicable)
  3. All current club members and their respective contact information are up-to-date on My Rotary and ClubRunner (via club or district version where applicable)
  4. Addition of 3 upcoming club meetings or events on your club website
  5. Addition of 3 club stories on your club website
  6. Promotion of your new/refreshed club website on social media
  7. Promotion of your new club website via club email(s) and/or club newsletter
Failure to meet any of the above criteria may default District 7030's contribution to a club's website refresh initiative and the respective club may be charged an additional US $150 to cover the full cost of the initiative.